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We don't believe in compromise. We believe in over promising and then over delivering. Unbox Marketing strives to 10X your goals, revenue and marketing strategies by making you a dominant player in your market.

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Unbox Marketing / The Thunderbolt Accelerated Marketing Beta Program + Bonuses

The Thunderbolt Accelerated Marketing Beta Program + Bonuses

From: $15,537.99 / month for 3 months


Our system checks every 10 minutes to see if we are sold out. Once this point is reached. This program will not be available. This program is extremely limited and is very exclusive. Once it’s gone you will not see it again for the next 6-12 months. And once it comes back it will be over $15,000 plus tax. There will be no tax as a gift to you for a limited time to keep this program under a thousand dollars.

  • Yes, I would like to join this program and learn how to change my lifestyle, business, and marketing.
  • Yes, I want to protect my family by investing so that our future is secure.
  • Yes, I want access to the bonus content where I get to learn how to run a social media marketing agency.
  • Yes, I want to learn how to work anywhere in the world and hire employees that work for me for free.
  • Yes, I want high-value clients and I want people to value my time.
  • Yes, I want to learn how a successful Social Media Marketing Agency is run.
  • I understand that there are only 10 spots and this will sell out extremely fast!
  • I also understand that the next course will be in the next 6-12 months once the enrollment closes.
  • Do not sign up if you want to get rich quick. This is for serious entrepreneurs looking to grow their business and obtain the freedom to invest in assets that build their wealth.

This Course starts on December 1st, 2016. The entire course is 4 weeks.

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Product Description

Testimonial From Facebook Advertising Success Stories:

A successful business needs repeat purchases from loyal customers who desire to engage with them on a regular basis. Facebook was the answer to this need and is the single greatest tool we use to market our own business. We spend more than 80% of all of our advertising dollars on Facebook and see a return that is far beyond anything else we’ve ever invested in.

Sandi Krakowski, Founder, A Real Change International, Inc.


Here were her results:

  • 10X better conversion rate with remarketing using Custom Audiences from your website
  • 4X revenue growth in under 2 years with Facebook Ads
  • 15X increase in clients in under 2 years with Facebook Ads
  • And over 4X higher return on ad spend on Facebook compared to other marketing channels

The 110% money Back Guarantee + More:

If you don’t get a return on investment by using the exact strategies in this program you will get a refund plus $100 for wasting your time.

What’s included:

The 4 Week Thunderbolt  Implementation Program (Worth Over $15,000)

Starts on December 1st, 2016.


Weekly live calls where you ask question (I usually charge $300 per hour)

My exact business layout on how I run a Social Media Marketing Company From Anywhere (Worth Over 10,000)  

How to hire staff for $5 and even get employees to work for you for free (Saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars)


Everyday price: $15,957.99

Your Price Today: $957.99

Your Total Savings: $14,000


There is also an option to make 3 installments of $537.99

Secure Checkout using PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or any credit or debit card.


Email Us Anytime: info@unboxmarketing.com

 The Program Structure

Each part of the course will be released week by week. Send an email to info@unboxmarketing.com if you need a live client call


  • Week 1 – Setting Up Corporations, Taxes, Business Plans And Choosing A Business Where People Find It Hard To Steal What You Created
  • Week 2 – Creating A System Of Landing Pages, Facebook Ads And A/B Split Testing That Cannot Be Broken
  • Week 3- Finding People To Pay You To Run Your System, Outsourcing And Generating Income While You Sleep
  • Week 4 – The Automated Follow Up And Retargeting That Will 10X Your Business

Week 1 Setting Up Corporations, Taxes, Business Plans And Choosing A Business Where People Find It Hard To Steal What You Created

  • How to STOP working for FREE for 6 months and giving more than HALF your income to the government.
  • How to PROTECT your business by minimizing liability using corporations.
  • Who needs to be on your TEAM? Lawyers, CPAs, Accountants, Tax Experts and Investment Fiduciaries.
  • How to write off vacations, cars, laptops, phones and offices as business expenses.
  • How to pay LESS taxes than your LOWEST payed employees.

Week 2 Creating A System Of Landing Pages, Facebook Ads And A/B Split Testing That Cannot Be Broken.

  • What is a minimum viable product and how to sell it and get money upfront before it is created?
  • How to setup an automated system that makes customers beg to work for you.
  • How A/B split testing can 10X your income by using headlines, landing pages and several other tactics.
  • How to make your system unbreakable and resistant to economic changes.

Week 3- Finding People To Pay You To Run Your System, Outsourcing And Generating Income While You Sleep

  • How to hire staff for 5 dollars and make them beg to work for you for the best price.
  • How to hire employees from all around the world that are more talented than your finest university MBAs for $5.
  • How to get people to pay to work for you as affiliates, where they work tirelessly and put up all the money to make your dreams a reality for a small commission.
  • How to incentivize your employees to work better than you and run your business for profit, so you can have the freedom to choose how you multiply your money using investments.

Week 4 The Automated Follow Up And Retargeting That Will 10X Your Business

  • How to STOP leaving 2/3 of your income on the table by using an automated follow up.
  • Why blogs are an amazing way of sharing content with the people you are following up with.
  • How to bring people back to your website once they leave with retargeting.
  • How to craft email drip campaigns that create revenue in your bank account while you sleep.
  • How to 10X your goals, business and ideas by leveraging the talents of others.
  • Why each employee should DOUBLE your income and not lower it.


Free Gifts So That You Succeed:

Slides - https://www.dropbox.com/s/v1pyi9kl5h83hvf/Slides%20From%20Webinar%20Worth%20%247%2C000%20-%20Free%20Gift%20From%20Kris%20Daniel%20Gonsalves.pdf?dl=0

Gift One, E-Book - https://www.dropbox.com/s/5nnen34pezfgdwu/Free%20Gift%20-%20The%204-Hour%20Work%20E-Book%20Summary.pdf?dl=0

Gift Two, Mind Map - https://www.dropbox.com/s/q48tv06riwy7gv3/Suprise%20Gift%202-%20The%20Mind%20Map%20For%20%20Your%20Success%20As%20An%20Entrepreneur%20.pdf?dl=0

Additional Information


Installments over 3 months, One time payment + Extra Discount (Save $654)


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